(VIDEO) A meeting of 200 Nissan Leaf in Oslo...


To play music!
200 units of Nissan’s compact electric car were gathered in October to offer a interactive light and sound spectacle to owners and residents of the city.


Forming the largest electric organ ever created, this event was held for the closing of the FUTURE:TODAY traveling-exhibition going through Nordic countries from October 9 to November 16.

The Nissan Leaf in Norway represents 2000 units sold in nine months, the fastest growing market for the Leaf where it was one of the Top 15 sellers and Nissan second model!

Figures that can be explained by the efforts of the government, electric cars are exempt from VAT, circulation, parking, tolls fees and can use bus lanes.... Add 3,500 charging stations, mostly free and success is guaranteed!

Some funny communication for the Nissan Leaf, which also got its first global commercial last month.

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