(VIDEO) Amarok P1 the Canadian electric Superbike to debut in the 2013 TTXGP


We presented it at the beginning of 2011, here is some news of this racing electric motorcycle, the first Canadian who made its first official laps this week.


The Amarok P1 has been imagined by Michael Uhlarik, an industrial designer who teamed-up with Kevin O’Neil, a mechanic, friend and neighbor.

The original specs sheet is exceeded with 147kg and 80hp for a range (according to the first feedbacks) going from 45 minutes in racing conditions to 4 hours in conventional driving conditions.


But the pair won’t stop there and will further reduce the weight of the next generation prototype, while increasing the capacity of the battery for next year, in figures 11kg less for 30% additional capacity.

The Amarok P1 will make its racing debut in the 2013 edition of electric motorcycle Championship, the TTXGP USA.

Here's a video demo with Austin Shaw-O'Leary (a local champion) riding the bike on the Atlantic Motorsport Park race track.

Via TheChronicleheral.ca / EVWorld
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