(VIDEO) Romet E4 a 2-seater electric city-car coming from Poland


Eastern countries or the offensive of low cost electric car: after the Electron Twingo yesterday, here is another example of low cost EV in Poland, the Romet 4E.

romet_4e 2.jpg

Sold by the Group Romet & Arkus, this urban two seater has several arguments, first, the Romet E4 is a price, 34900Zloty (8481€ at today’s exchange rate), then it is a range up to 180km and a loading capacity of 880litres.

About its specs sheet, two driving modes are available with speeds limited to 45 or 65kph for a range between 90 to 180km from the 16.5kWh lead-acid battery pack, the secret of its low price...

Batteries have a 12 month warranty and are announced with 400 charge cycles or a lifetime of 3 to 5 years. Romet also communicates on the replacement cost of a complete battery pack, 7999Zloty or € 1944 The other elements of the car are guaranteed for 24 months.

With three meters long and its two seats, the trunk reaches a capacity of 880litres (even more than the Courb C-Zen).

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