(VIDEO) Launch of the Honda N-One, 90% recyclable and 3.7l per 100km (63.6mpg)


Just like the Mini, the N-One draws its lines from the past and is inspired by the N360 launched in 1967 by the brand. An original design reinterpreted according to Honda’s principles of design M/M (man maximum, machine minimum) in which a maximum of space is granted to the occupants and a minimum to mechanical elements.

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This car is launched today in Japan and hopes to become a new classic/basic, it is available in 11 colors with an additional choice of 5 two-tone combinations.

The range is available in a variety of finishes, from the G to the Premium Tourer L Package, with two or four wheel drive.

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The N-One is powered by a 660cc Turbo engine offering performances comparable to a 1.3l, fitted with a CVT consumption is announced at 3.7/100km.

On the safety side, no pedestrian airbag as in the Volvo V40 but a body that absorbs the impact of the collision "Pedestrian Injury Mitigation Body" and curtain airbags as standard.

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Unfortunately no launch in Europe is announced for the moment ... Price from € 11,090 (1.150.000Yens).

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