(VIDEO) TTXGP World Finals in Daytona: Brammo wins and reaches 170mph!


We shared with you the 2012 season of the European TTXGP, the electric motorcycle championship which ended in early September at Le Mans, with the victory of Muench Racing.

This weekend, the three championships of the Worldwide TTXGP (Europe, United States and Australia) met to compare their machines on the very fast Daytona speed ring.

2012_TTXGP_Final_Daytona (2).jpg

The race was mostly taking place between the two Brammo Empulse RR and Muench Racing, during qualifying Eric Bostrom on Brammo has reached a speed of 170mph or 274kph, ranking first in front of Steve Atlas and Matthias Himmelmann ... But in the end after a little failure, Steve Atlas wins in front of Himmelmann and Bostrom.

2012_TTXGP_Final_Daytona (7).jpg

The improvements over the last years are simply amazing! We look forward the 2013 season, our only hope, more media coverage and more competitors for even more breathless events.

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