(VIDEO) Vestas Sailrocket 2, new record attempt


We presented the Vestas Sailrocket just one year ago, this year, the pilot Paul Larsen still pursues the world’s sailing speed sailing record with his hydrofoil.


As a reminder, at the end of last year’s session, the SailRocket2 set a speed of 54.4knots, just a few knots under the world record held by the kite surfer Rob Douglas (55.65knots).
Already very close to its personal record in the fourth day of test, and on the way to reach 60knots, the Vestas Sailrocket posted yesterday an average speed of 50.98 knots over 500 meters with a peak at 53knots (with "light" winds of 25 to 29knots). Paul Larsen hopes to set the new world record in the days to come.

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