(VIDEO) Kepler Motors Motion, on the road!


Almost forgotten since its introduction three years ago, Kepler Motors continued to develop its hybrid supercar discreetly.


In the era of eco-performance represented by Porsche with the 918Spyder or Ferrari with the highly anticipated F70 equipped with the Hy-Kers technology, independent manufacturers add some boost to this market.

The Kepler Motion is a two-seater coupe with four-wheel drive: the front axle receives two electric motors for a 250hp combined power, and at the rear a 3.5l Ford EcoBoost V6 tuned to 550ch and a total power around 800hp!

The very sleek lines of this supercar allow to display a Cd of 0.30 and a 0 to 98km / h (60mph) announced in 2.5 seconds for a320kph maximum speed!

KeplerMotors_Motion (5).jpg

We have a slight crush for her race-type back-end that recall the F40 with its large grille and four round headlights. An extreme look enhanced by the carbon wheels and central hub ...

Last element of the specs sheet, its automated gearbox with paddle shifters, and a nice sound at downshifting ...

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