Teaco Bat, a UK electric plane aiming for new speed records


Developed by an English association based in Gloucestershire, the Teaco Bat has two vocations, the first is to initiate an electric aircraft race series like the Red Bull Air Race, and the second is to prove its capabilities by achieving a new speed record for an electric aircraft.

Currently held by Chip Yates and the Electric Long ESA with 326kph, the Teaco Bat aims at 354kph with almost three times less power (258hp against 81hp) thanks to a carbon fiber construction and contra-rotating propellers.


Roger Mottram, founder of the association believes that the progress in terms of motors and battery now make such a project possible:

“Motors are getting smaller and becoming more powerful and battery technology is going the same way,” “Our plan is to go ‘fast and furious’, unlike endurance planes, which rely on small motors and big wings.”

About its specs sheet, with 5.2m long and a wingspan of 6.1m, the Teaco Bat will be equipped with a 60kW motor (81hp), its maximum speed is expected to be 220mph (354kph). With a battery pack allowing 30 minutes of range in flight (20 in race), its weight should remain below 200kg at 195kg, the aircraft is currently under development and is expected to take-off for the record in 2013.

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