French bonus/malus for 2013 from minus €7000 to plus €6000!

Update of October 11th article for a bonus-malus rate that comes into force today.

The French ministry of finance, Bercy has unveiled this week the draft of the 2013 Finance Act that includes new levels for the subsidies “Bonus-Malus” which arrive on 1st January 2013.


As announced by the “Plan Montebourg”, the bonus offers additional support to low-emission vehicles and EV

However, on the other side, the Malus hits hard.
Compared to the current levels, with penalty that began at 141g/km and evolved in 6 steps to the maximum threshold of € 3,600 for 231g/km… Now the first level are lowered to 136g/km and evolve in 10 steps to penalty up to € 6,000 for cars over 201g/km!


This measure will support a shift towards greener and smaller vehicles! Although this Franco-French decision will not affect the global market, it should encourage, at least our national manufacturers to offer more efficient engines! 

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