(VIDEO) Courb C’Zen is a sexy tiny EV pick-up/speedster


The small French two-seater from Lyon is teased since the Geneva Motor Show 2011 ... Also, when we saw the first prototypes at the Paris Mondial de l’Automobile, we had to take a ride on board.


Instead of communicating over a public price, Courb’ chose to speak of a daily cost of 10 € without tax on sixty months, otherwise expect more than € 25,000 (excluding government subsidies) to buy the C-ZEN for good ...

Although its lines do not betray its destiny, the brand sees development opportunities primarily as a utility vehicle, the C-ZEN will then become pick-up called the C-TOP, a setup that we unfortunately could not see on the show and which will be offered at € 18,000 the French environmental bonus.
The version tested offers three driving modes and a very comfortable seating with leather seats. Pre-production model, the C-ZEN offers a high quality finish with reverse camera, alloy wheels and glass roof and an impressive 400 liters trunk.

Courb_C-Zen_2012 (2).jpg

However, as it was one of the very first prototypes we have only been passenger and it is hard to give a real feedback but the car feels smooth and at the level of the competition.

Let's talk about the competition, it will have to do mainly with Mia Electric, also offered in utility version.

The first deliveries are expected in 2013.

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