(VIDEO) For €31.000 you can have an Aston Martin One-77 on two wheels!


A few weeks ago at the Salon Privé, Aston Martin revealed to the public a bike named the One-77 cycle, the principle is the same as their Supercar, exclusive and a limited edition of 77 units.


We talked about London’s "Salon Privé" last year with the Evelio, this year it was the turn of the Rimac Concept_One to make a guest appearance but Aston Martin was also there with (among other vehicles) a bike announced at a price of £ 25,000.

With, 9.5kg it is not exactly the lightest carbon bike on the market, but for sure the only one having the Aston Martin badge and the most advanced in terms of technology/telemetry.

Created in partnership with Factor Bikes, frame, wheels, handlebar and fork are made out of carbon and you even have an LCD screen to control the functions of the bike.

This screen offers fifty indicators such as altitude, humidity levels, temperature or a performance indicator with a calculation of the torque in Nm!

One-77_Cycle (4).jpgOne-77_Cycle (5).jpg

Available in 7 colors numbered from 001 to 007, each series will be produced to 77 units.

One-77_Cycle (6).jpgOne-77_Cycle (7).jpg

You only need a bike rack to put your One-77 cycle on the back of your Cygnet and you’ll be the greenest Aston(s) owner!

In the same style and price range, we also have a soft spot for the Coren by UBC available as an electric bike.
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