Paris Motor Show 2012 Peugeot eDL electric bikes


Besides the futuristic concepts -and not bound for a launch any time soon- Onyx, Peugeot exhibited two electric bikes closer to a market reality, the eDL122 and eDL132.

Peugeot Cycles might by eyeing the pedelec market and these two highly desirable concepts confirm our guess... Hopefully Peugeot will have the audacity to push them on the market to compete with the Smart ebike in example.

The first one, we have already presented it in two occasions, initially imagined as a urban bike concept, the DL122 recently received an electric motor for the Eurobike show, becoming the eDl122. It is a concept bike that integrates in a discrete and efficient way, a lock, a removable battery and a special briefcase designed to withstand the weather.

Peugeot_eDL122 (2).jpg

The other one, more sporty is the eDL322, a high performance pedelec with a motor mounted under the bottom bracket and integrated in the frame in order not to disrupt the style, two disc brakes front and rear are in charge of stopping the bike.

Peugeot_eDL132 (8).jpg

The removable battery is also integrated in the frame, transmission is belt driven and the gear shift is "electric"! Finally, a taillight is integrated to the saddle, the handlebar also hosts a lighting system and a touch screen control with GPS...

Peugeot_eDL132 (7).jpg
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