Round the world with electric cars: synchronized arrivals


We often linked articles on the Electric Odyssey and the 80edays, two “races” round the world with electrics cars, a Citroën C-Zero with two French on board and the other with a Tesla Roadster and its Spanish pilot.

The Electric Odyssey has officially ended in Strasbourg yesterday afternoon after 26366km, thanks to the Pluggers who helped to recharge throughout the journey (about 300 recharges) Antonin and Xavier complete their world tour with € 250 electricity only! The car will be exhibited on Citroën’s booth at the Paris Auto Show.


For the 80edays after an unfortunate crash that resulted in an express repair from Tesla Munich (3 days to replace a front end and components) Rafael de Mestre finished its loop around the world with an arrival in Strasbourg last Saturday.


In 2014 Rafael wants to retry the adventure with at least three cars - still without assistance- and will participate in the 2013 WAVE starting from Barcelona.

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