(VIDEO) Polaris launches e-bike brand at Interbike


After a press release last week, Polaris chose the Interbike Show in Las Vegas to launch its range of electric bikes.

We mentioned several times Polaris’ interest for electric vehicles from electric buggies as the Ranger EV or utility and recretionnal vehicles with the brands GEM or Goupil that they own and even via a stake in Brammo ... Here they are now in the e-bike market with a range of 5 models under the name Polaris Electric Bikes.


By its sporty design, the Vector is the spearhead, followed by the Strive, Strive ST, Meridian, Meridian ST (ST versions for women).

However, once will not hurt, spearheaded does not translate into higher price, the overall range is offered at the same price, $ 2499 with varying designs and features.


The electrification technology under the crank set is called EVantage and offers three levels of assistance (Eco, Normal, Sport).

The Polaris ebikes have a 450Watt motor and an eight-speed derailleur for a maximum speed of 29kph (18mph) and 24 to 48km of range (15 to 30 miles). The lithium battery, whether it is placed in the frame or on the rear rack, is always removable.

As you will understand with their power 450Watt they do not meet the European standard of pedelec, Polaris is not talking about marketing in Europe at the moment but if that were the case they would probably offer less power...

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