Lumeneo Neoma Roadster, a novelty for the French manufacturer at the 2012 Paris Auto Show


While we waited for the pre-production version of the Neoma, a 4-seater electric city-car by Lumeneo for the 2012 Paris Auto Show, the French SME’s announcement from today surprises, it’s the Neoma Roadster.

This Neoma Roadster looses the roof and gets some sweet upgrades: sport suspensions with 17-inch wheels and bucket seats.


On the specs side, this electric roadster offers the same characteristics as the Neoma with two seats, but still offers a 200litres cargo capacity.

With 800kg and 46hp, top speed is announced at 110kph, while the 14kWh battery should confer 140km of range.

Lumeneo says that it’s considering a market release soon, remains to know if the Smera will be launched first…
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