(VIDEO) Audi A1 Dual Mode Hybrid concept better than the A1 e-tron!


Besides the already known hybrid models Audi A6 hybrid, A8 hybrid or Q5 hybrid, Audi is working on electrification with technology demonstrators under the name e-tron but not only...

A first test fleet of Audi A1 e-tron has covered 50.000kms, this test phase expires at the end of the month and Audi gives a feedback on the performance of this car and the testers’ experience.


For the record, the A1 e-tron has a 75kW electric motor (100hp) powered by a 12kWh battery that provides 50km of autonomy in electric only, a 254cc range extender (rotary engine) producing 15kW allows a total range of 250km.

This test fleet has shown conclusive results with improved autonomy over time and a majority of testers preferring their A1 e-tron (in driveability) to the A1 1.4TFSI given for comparison.
New tests will begin in 2013.

But another A1, a technology demonstrator is in pre-development stage the Dual Mode Hybrid (recalling VW’s TwinDrive) with a three-cylinder 1.5l, developing 130hp and 200Nm, this prototype is equipped with two electric motors, the first (EM1) is an alternator (50kW for 201Nm) and second (EM2) is used for traction, it develops 85kW (116hp) for 250Nm.

The combined output is 177hp for a 0 to 100kph in less than 9 seconds, the 17.4kWh battery (located under the rear seats) offers a range of 90km in only electric, consumption figures observed are around 1l/100km instead of 1.9l/100km for the A1 e-tron and emission at 23g/km instead of the 45g/km...

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