(VIDEO) Voltage Cycles, custom electric Chopper bikes


This American company has been selling electric bikes for 2 years, on the occasion of their partnership with AllCell batteries and thanks to the experience gained they now offer a cool and performing custom electric bicycle.

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You can either buy a bare frame (it comes with the electric motor, batteries, controller and LCD screen) and make your own assembly or select a full bike from a series of preset configurations.

It will cost from $ 2,750 for the frame only to $ 3,495 (2650€) for the first full units - more affordable than the Marrs Cycle presented in early August...

On the specs side, the Voltage Bikes feature a BMC electric motor with powers from 600 to 1000Watt, and a AllCell battery of 48V-13Ah for 30 to 40 miles of range (48 to 64km) whether you’re pedaling easy or harder...

All the electrical and electronic elements are hidden in the "tank" for a very clean look with no wires. Full-bikes feature a front suspension and a disc brake for more comfort and safety.

Unlike Europe this bike can be used in the United States without registration or insurance, while we will be limited to a 'private road’ use as they do not meet the pedelec standard (limited to 250Watt and 25kph)...

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