200hp for 91g/km, the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 gets an update, more efficient in the city


The Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 will be presented at the Paris Motor Show in an updated version that announces emissions of only 91g/km.

PSA’s diesel hybrid technology is in continuous development and engineers managed to further enhance the environmental performances of their hybrid crossover.

3008HYbrid4_404Cab_meeting (6).jpg 

New engine management software, a new battery management as well as improved energy regeneration allow to gain a few grams from 99 to 91g/km. It is in urban use that these changes are most evident, the result is 3.5l/100km (67mpg) in combined cycle instead of 3.8l (62mpg) for the version with the 16-inch wheels and low rolling resistance tires.

The price remains unchanged at € 37,600 excluding governmental grants, this update is available in France since the beginning of the month.
See the HYbrid4 range here.

For more informations and pictures on the car please check our test-drive and photoshoot of March 2012.

3008HYbrid4_404Cab_meeting (6).jpg  

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