(VIDEO) Michelin’s folding e-bike has puncture-proof tires


Michelin’s Lifestyle division will sell from October 1st a foldable electric bicycle with puncture-proof tires using a technology derived from bulletproof vests.

Its 220W motor drives the front wheel and offers three levels of assistance, while the 24V 8.5Ah battery has a range of 45km for a 4 to 5hours charging time.
The transmission is a in-hub Shimano 8 speed, last spec, its weight: 17.6kg, which is in the average for a folding pedelec.
Its competitors are the GoCycle, the Mobiky Youri, the VeloSolex or the V'Lec 

Its big plus, the removable battery and "virtually puncture-proof" tires reinforced with an aramid layer (material used in bulletproof vests).

Michelin’s electric bike will be sold online at a price of € 1,390 with a 2 year warranty, for now Michelin has not announced any sales forecasts.

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