(VIDEO) Peugeot’s diesel hybrid 680hp supercar Onyx comes with an electric supertrike a time-trial bicycle

Update of September 12th article with live pictures of the hybrid scooter (Peugeot X3), TT bicycle and an official video of the supercar.

Teased since the beginning of the month, the Peugeot Onyx is based on a carbon "monolithic" structure. Developed by Peugeot Sport it is composed of only 12 pieces for a minimum weight (1100kg) and optimum rigidity with a drag coefficient of only 0.30.

The 3.7l V8 diesel HDi develops a power output of 600hp to the rear wheels, transmitted via a 6-speed sequential gearbox.

The additional 80hp from the electric motor are used during the acceleration phases, bringing the total power to 680hp, the motor is powered by a battery that is recharged through the kinetic energy of braking phases.

ParisMotorShow2012 (5).jpgParisMotorShow2012 (5).jpg

This concept car Onyx is accompanied by two other sporty and innovative concepts, a time-trial bike, the Onyx Concept bike and an hybrid three-wheeler, the Onyx Concept scooter, visions of a range of responsible and technologic mobility by Peugeot. 

ParisMotorShow2012 (5).jpg  

 "Onyx uses everyday materials to lighten the car, make the interior more intuitive. This concept is accompanied by a supertrike and a superbike ... Peugeot teams are inspired, making us eager to discover more." Xavier Peugeot, Peugeot Product Manager

ParisMotorShow2012 (5).jpg 

Let’s focus a little on this "supertrike" it is a plug-in hybrid scooter with three wheels, it combines a 400cm3 engine and an electric motor for a total output of 45kW (60hp) and 58Nm of torque, allowing to reach the max speed of 150kph in a few seconds with a consumption of 2l/100km and a combined range of 500km! In addition, its battery provides 30km of zero emission driving at 50kph.
This hybrid trike is also a transformer with two possible configurations, motorcycle or scooter, sport or urban.

Definitely these concepts are the Stars of the  2012 Paris Motor Show!

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