(VIDEO) 2012 Paris Motor Show: Peugeot Onyx, an hybrid sports-car concept

Update of September 10th article with new images unveiling a superb interior

Here is the first teaser of the concept-car that Peugeot will premier at the 2012 Paris Motor Show from September 29 to October 14th, a strong response to the return of Alpine with an electrified powertrain in bonus!

Peugeot_Onyx.jpgPeugeot_Onyx (7).jpg 

According to the first rumors the concept-car will offer a hybrid technology combining a 1.6l THP gasoline engine tuned to 258hp and an electric motor of 88kW (118hp) for a combined power yet undisclosed but a fuel consumption announced at 4l/100km!

Peugeot_Onyx (1).jpg 

Bmw i8, Infiniti Emerg-e, Jaguar C-X16, or concept Lexus LF-CC (also highly expected in Paris), beware of the lioness!

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