The Range Rover gets lighter, greener and hybrid!


The largest and most luxurious SUV went through a drastic weight reduction process thanks to the use of aluminum, and from 2013 a diesel hybrid version will be available.

This countryside Rolls Royce loses 420kg compared to the previous version -nearly 20% less weight- impressive! To stay in the figures, this reduction will result in a fuel consumption lowered by 22%.

2013-Ranger-Rover (5).jpg  

Another sign of a new era for Jaguar Land Rover, after presenting eco-friendly concepts with the Range_e and XJ_e, respectively diesel and petrol plug-in hybrids, the new Range Rover will inaugurate the hybrid powertrain that announces emissions of 169g/km, a reduction of 16% compared to the cleanest ICE of this new version (TDV6). The plug-in hybrid versions, too expensive for the moment, are not expected in series on the short term.

2013-Ranger-Rover (5).jpg 

This hybrid diesel version will use the ZF 8 speed automatic gearbox (featured in all  the models) linking the V6 and the electric motor which will in turn powered by a 2kWh battery for a combined total power rumored at 290hp...

The new Range is priced first prize is on offer to € 89,100 for a version TDV6.

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