2012 Paris Motor Show: premiere of the Outlander PHEV - Series or parallel hybrid at the touch of a button!


After the Px MiEV Concepts, Mitsubishi I reveals the production version of its plug-in Outlander. It is based on a technology derived from the i-MiEV and its launch is scheduled in Japan in spring 2013 and then in Europe, North America and other global markets.

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The Outlander plug-in hybrid has 4-wheel drive with two electric motors of 60kW (81hp) and 195 nm of torque at the rear (limited at 137nm in front) and of course a combustion engine, a four cylinder of 2.0l.

The 12kWh battery offers 55km of range in electric only for 880km in combined use with a fuel consumption lower than a Prius Plug-in with 1.64l/100km (in JC08 cycle), despite that, the weight is kept at 1810kg.

A full charge takes 4 to 5 hours on a household plug (200V - 15Amp) 30 minutes quick charger
Mitsubishi_Outlander_PHEV (2).jpg 

The Outlander PHEV offers three driving modes including a series hybrid or parallel hybrid.

-Pure: electric only
-Series: only the electric motors operate while the ICE recharges the battery
-Parallel: electric and combustion engines work together for increased power

At the Paris Motor Show, Mitsubishi will also present the Global Compact or Mirage, with a 1.0l three-cylinder 'MIVEC' that emits just 92g/km thanks to a Cx of 0.27 and a weight of only 845kg!
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