Yo-Mobile Russian hybrids postponed to 2015!


Announced for 2012, Mikhail Prokhorov’s first natural gas hybrids should hit the streets by early 2015, the reason: a supplier’s delay.

The project manager, Andrei Biryukov, said that Yo Mobile was not only a PR campaign to satisfy Prokhorov’s political ambitions, and that the project is still alive and well.
In partnership with the manufacturer Yarovit, €80 million have been invested in a factory in St Petersburg.

For the moment no more information on the models or their development, according to the latest news there were two (Geneva Motor Show concept excluded initial compact car abandoned), the ë-Crossover SUV to pronounce Yo-Crossover and the utility version, the Yo-Fourgon.

Symbol of the country's modernization, Russia’s people car announced the access to technology and comfort with all options as standard (multifunction steering wheel, GPS, touch screen control, start / stop and of course air conditioning) and a frugal hybrid powertrain using an abundant fuel in the country, Natural Gas, all for a price equivalent to less than € 10,000! Utopian? Time will tell ...

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