McLaren to enter the Formula E Championship?


McLaren’s Formula 1 team may not have as many victories as Ferrari in the numbers but has the best performance ratio of all time. Indeed, the English team won on average once every 4 race they ever entered.

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You can therefore imagine that when Martin Whitmarsch, director of McLaren F1 announces « Who knows, we might pop up in it [. . .] I think it’s a good initiative and we’d be delighted in whatever form to be involved with it » referring to the new FIA Formula E, competitors could be worried. The FIA Formula E starting in 2014 is a competition where only full electric powered vehicles are allowed like the Formulec EF01.

And, if top racing teams like McLaren get interested in this future championship, it could bring other big names of the automotive world in the race.

Especially since Formula 1 has always been the best technological showroom for car makers, Formula E could therefore become an even more beautiful, cleaner and grener showroom.

Via Reuters // Article by Hadrien Le Flanchec
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