Production model of the Voltitude revealed, priced from €3850 (+tax)


After an initial presentation at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show in the Green Pavillon, the Voltitude is back with its production model.

Voltitude_2013 (7).jpg 

Their positioning is clear the upscale of the folding pedelec market.

Forget the plastic parts of the concept, apart from the red casing of the Voltitude, this electric bike is only steel and machined aluminum, elements designed as work of art.

Voltitude_2013 (2).jpg 

The Voltitude keeps that famous design with the red and the white cross which earned it the name of swiss knife on two wheels. The brand is highlighted on the seat, the front and of course the casing.

Voltitude_2013 (6).jpgVoltitude_2013 (8).jpg 

Without further information the preliminary specs sheet of the bike should remain:
It is a pedelec that folds quickly with an handle system called EASYFOLD, its 250Watt motor allows a speed limited to 25kph for 20 to 40km of range depending on the level of assistance selected, braking is entrusted two hydraulic disc and the transmission is a 7-speed Shimano.
Only downside, weight… 27.5kg with battery included.

The first units should be delivered in the coming months.

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