Bye-bye sexy plug-in coupe, Mindset files for bankruptcy!


We follow the company Mindset since the first reveal of the e-motion concept in 2008, we contacted them in late 2011, and got an interview with Lorenzo R. Schmid, President of Mindset Holding whi announced some news for the coming months, there was indeed an interesting release to follow in February but it didn’t manage to save their project of Swiss plug-in hybrid.

 mindset_plug-in_coupe (2).jpg

Indeed, after long developments Mindset had recently announced three models, Pure, Traction and Range with different power and battery capacity, priced from € 74,000 and with a power ranging from 134 to 272hp and despite their innovative battery technology developed and patented by H-Tech (the famous release of February) having twice the energy density per kg of the average battery.

For the record the Mindset is an ambitious plug-in hybrid soprts car, an avant-garde coupe, a  designer madness, its production was dedicated to small series but had some sense in a market where Tesla has managed to make its way with an original and quick vehicle.

mindset_plug-in_coupe (3).jpg 

By lack of sufficient funding and production partner after unsuccessful discussions with BMW, Porsche and Magna, Mindset is in bankrupt!

Let’s hope the company finds a buyer so that gem of design and technology can be seen on the road one day…
While the share Mindset Holding flirted with 4.5CHF following the announcement of the battery technology earlier this year, it is now at 0.24CHF! The insolvency has been annonunced last August 31st.

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