(VIDEO) The Formula Ford 1.0l EcoBoost laps the Nurburgring in 7:22 minutes


The three-cylinder EcoBoost engine is the new flagship of the brand, it equips the Ka, Fiesta, Focus but also bigger vehicles like the B-Max and C-Max.

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Engine of the year 2012 it now takes place inside a Formula Ford replacing the 180hp 1.6l in a version tuned to 205hp! With this new engine, the car achieves a top speed of 255.5kph and the 0 to 100kph in under 4 seconds while keeping fuel consumption low with 2.4l/100km (118mpg) at 56kph and 5.6l/100km (57mpg) at 120kph.

The Formula EcoBoost also receives for the occasion lighting, tires and turn signals to become "road legal".

Formula_Ford_EcoBoost (1).jpg  

“This little engine has people rubbing their eyes in disbelief,” said racing driver and course specialist Nick Tandy, 28, who completed the drive. “It’s simply astonishing that a 3-cylinder, one-litre engine can deliver that kind of performance.”

Here is the first video of the Formula Ford 1.0l EcoBoost from the inception of the project to its lap on the Nurburgring.

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