(VIDEO) 1000km before arrival, the 80Edays ends with a crash!


The world tour in electric car of the Spanish Rafael de Mestre driving a Tesla Roadster ended yesterday by an accident less than 1000kms from its point of arrival. Unharmed, he then tweeted an explicit “Game Over!”.


This could be a perfect remake the tortoise and the hare! Left in February for a world tour (25 000kms) in Citroën C-Zero, the two young French engineers of the Electric Odyssey go slowly but surely.

On the other hand, Rafael de Mestre, who owns a Tesla Roadster, also all-electric but with nearly 300hp decided to follow and catch up in April with a world tour in less than 80 days.

Except that the hare did not take the time to read La Fontaine’s fable to the end… Therefore he has been the victim of a pile and crashed into a Toyota Auris Hybrid!

After 22821km, bad luck stopped temporarily the adventure in Germany, but the car will be repaired within three weeks and there are only about 1.000km to go ...

In contrast, the Frenchs of the Electric Odyssey still continue their journey began last February with their C-Zero, and should complete it in October. They are currently in Kazakhstan after crossing China and share their difficulties, meetings and magnificent scenery on their site.

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