China in the era of electric car-sharing


The Chinese manufacturer of EV and electric bicycles, Kandi will offer their cars as part of a leasing program to the 9M people of Hangzhou city. The price of this all-inclusive leasing offer is hard to beat since it does not exceed 1,000 yuans per month or 150 euros.

Aware of the level of pollution in megacities, Chinese authorities are actively involved in projects aimed at promoting a mobility that does not emit CO2 and Hangzhou is one of the first 13 cities that will benefit from it.

In the city, the program will focus around a range of electric vehicle similar to Autolib in Paris but with a monthly fee for unlimited travel in time.

The manufacturer of cars and electric bikes Kandi will provide the first 100 vehicles that constitute the offer.
These small cars with two seats and friendly face are manufactured in partnership with the Chinese Zotye that builds the battery. It will be possible to travel 100 km on a single charge with speeds up to 70kph.

Despite a low price, the lease will still be reserved to the elite because it is more or less equivalent to the monthly wage of a worker in the region…
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