(VIDEO) Lada unveils its first electric car, the EL Lada


This is a first (100% electric) for a Russian manufacturer. After Prokorov’s Yo Auto, the iconic brand Lada owned at 50% by Renault-Nissan has just introduced its first electric car, the EL at Moscow’s motor show.

What manufacturer could say (without shame) that they have no electric vehicle in their lineup in the next few years!? Even the most unexpected of them like the very austere Lada, which began manufacturing cars for the Soviet market in the '60s, takes the train of electrification.

As the Renault-Nissan alliance is the new majority owner of AVTOVAZ that sells Lada. And as there is no need to recall the investments made by the alliance on electric mobility. The Lada EL is Russia’s first all-electric car and benefits from the brand experience.

Based on a platform of Kalina, they fitted a 60kW electric motor that develops about 80hp and able to take the car to 130kph. The 0 to 100kph would meanwhile take 13 seconds and the China made lithium battery offers a capacity of 13 kWh or 150 km of range.

The specs announced do not show a cross-country vehicle, but a compact car for Russian urban centers with problematic air pollution. Although, a step is required before the global launch, it will soon be tested by taxis from the city of Stavropol.

Watching this EL Lada, we can’t help wondering when it the time of an electric Dacia will come!!

Article by Jeremi Michaux
Par Technologic Vehicles
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