Peugeot eDL122: Peugeot electrifies its concept bike, gets serious about ebikes!


Peugeot fits a computer bag, lock, motor and battery in a tiny ebike!
Originally presented in March, for Friedrichshafen’s Eurobike show, Peugeot’s concept bike receives an electric motor.

Peugeot_eDL122 (2).jpg 

Peugeot has managed to keep the design and manages the “tour de force” of integrating in this superb aluminum and wood frame, an electric motor located in the front wheel (20 inches) a “modern” leather bag that welcomes and protects a computer and papers, a ABUS Bordo 6000 lock and a removable battery!

The whole bike is upscale with lacquered and textured materials, a 8-speed transmission with belt drive and leather seat and grips made by Peugeot’s concept cars saddlers...


A superb achievement of Peugeot's Design Lab, a perfect product for an urban electric bike, compact and practical but still elegant!

Two important elements are yet unknown about this electric bike, its price, that will certainly be in accordance with its upscale finish, and its range but quoting Peugeot "it corresponds to a regular urban use."
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