Continental’s electric Renault Mégane rides on 20 inches!


With this all-electric Renault Mégane, Continental demonstrates its expertise, integrating more than 40 components manufactured in-house, whether they are already marketed or about to be.

Continental_electric_Megane (2).jpg
Continental_electric_Megane (2).jpg  

Tires are only the visible part of the Continental’s activities; they also are subcontractors of the automotive industry. They were already manufacturing the motor of the Renault Kangoo ZE and Fluence ZE, but here, they designed the whole architecture of an electric car starting from a classic Megane.

They use the same 70kW and 226Nm motor with batteries offering a capacity of 18 kWh,  they are located in sandwich under the floorpan, and weigh 154 kg (including cooling and electronics). The electronic controller is meanwhile announced 30% smaller compared to previous versions.

These elements allow the electric Megane to display a range of 150km with a 0 to 100kph in 11.9seconds.

The interior of the car has also received a special attention with “Acella ® Eco Natural by Benecke-Kaliko” upholstery using 40% of renewable raw materials.

Continental_electric_Megane (2).jpg Continental_electric_Megane (2).jpg 

The 10 kW on-board charger allows the vehicle to recharge in just 2h30 (Amp undisclosed) and of course it is equipped with special tires to minimize energy consumption, Conti.eContact mounted on large (but narrow) 20 inches rims (195/55) offering 30% less resistance.

Continental_electric_Megane (2).jpg  
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