Govecs’ first electric scooter with removable battery (GO S1.4)


The Govecs GO S1.4 is the first electric scooter of the brand with a removable battery. In addition to this feature, it has some undeniable advantages.

The battery weighs 15 kilos which will allow users to take it in the office or at home in order to recharge. This is a revolution because it’s no longer the scooter that goes to the plug but the battery that goes to the plug, no matter where you live and where you recharge! 
Solex already offers this solution on the e-Solex but to our knowledge very few scooters feature that option because the batteries are often too heavy or placed in specific locations and fixed.

Govecs_S_1 (3).jpg 

This battery can be recharged to 80% in only 1 hour and completely in approximately 3 hours. Once charged, the scooter will ride for 35 to 50 km, unless you decide to extend the fun by buying a spare battery at the price of 1600 euros, an option that will offer an interesting solution for delivery services for example...


The Govecs S GO 1.4 will be available at a price of € 4,959 from mid-September in Germany, a price which places it between the GO! S1.2 and GO! S2.4 for a lower range than the S 1.2 and € 1,500 more but this is the price of flexibility ... With an output equivalent to a 50cc with 4hp and 54 Nm of torque, it has three different power settings configurable from the handlebar 20kph, 25kph and 45kph.
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