(VIDEO) Opel’s misleading advertising banned in the UK


In England, the consumer’s protection agency has banned a Vauxhall Ampera advertisement as it does not reflect the reality on its range.

The advertisement fails to specify that the 580km (360miles) it can travel are with the help of the ICE generator or range extender.

How far can we believe advertising? The question is important especially when the information they provide is questionable.

In any case, the "UK Advertising Standards Authority" has decided to ban Vauxhall’s (Opel’s name in the UK) advertising which suggested that on a single charge, the sedan could travel 580 kms.

It is true that looking at it, there is no mention that to exceed the 80 kms of full electric range, the car uses a range extender that recharges the batteries while driving.

In the release that goes with this sanction, government officials claim that for the next ads -if they mention the total range- will have to specify the existence of the ICE engine which is not the case in Vauxhall’s advertising.
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