(VIDEO) Electric rally: E-miglia, results of the 2012 edition


The e-miglia is a 800km rally exclusively for electric vehicles. The third edition took place from August 12 to 16 between Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland and demonstrated the reality of electric propulsion.

The 32 participants started from Munich on 12 August, all decided to lead the revolt against Tesla won the last two editions. And there was some pretty serious competitors on the grid: Mini E, Mercedes E-Cell, Nissan Leaf, Peugeot iOn. Heavyweights of the industry but also smaller manufacturers as Protoscar, Twikke, Zerotracer or Zero Motorcycles.

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Competitors set off burning some rubber as the first stage was a time trial. Arrived in Salzburg after the 72km prologue, the competitors had the good surprise to recharge their cars on the solar panel of the city’s Convention Centre.

The second stage of 120 km was more eco-focused and offered points to the most furgal drivers. So the efficiency of the cars was also highlighted. In average, the cars that participated in the race traveled 200 km per day to reach the finish line.

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But in the end, (as usual now...) Tesla won, LG Solar’s Tesla Roadster took the first place of the podium in front of the A-Class E-Cell and the Mini E. The first bike is a 2012 Zero Motorcycles DS who finished eighth overall.

Picture credit Andrej Isakovic
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