(VIDEO) Street versions of the race specs Lightning Barracuda ready for order!


Wanna ride a race bike on open streets, here is a preview…
During a test of the Barracuda Lightning, a racing electric motorcycle who recently made the headlines at Laguna Seca leaving its competitors far behind, Richard Hatfield –CEO and founder of Lightning Motorcycles- has announced that they were now launching a road legal version of their race bike at a price of $ 38,800.

Lightning_Electric_Motorcycle (2).jpg 

By road legal understand different fairing, headlights and turn signals! Everything else remins unchanged! Here is the first sketch of the street version.


You’ll then have in your hands a monster fitted with a oil/water cooled 125kW motor (168hp) and a 12kWh battery, built for racing with extreme design and materials as the monocoque structure built around the motor and battery for a minimum weight. The Barracuda Lightning still announces 500pounds (227kg).

For the record, in this configuration, the bike reached 350kph at Bonneville!

In the video of the test below, it looks like the bike wants to take your arms off! Here are some comments from the pillot:
"Acceleration is unreal"
"The Lightning, without a doubt, is the fastest motorcycle we've ever ridden -- gas or electric."

Other road-legal race bikes are available we expect the Muench Racing soon, and derived from race there is the CRP Energica and Brammo Empulse.

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