(VIDEO) Trike drift : gets much more fun –and fast- with an in-wheel electric motor!


You probably remember the trike drifters, a downhill hobby with tricycles.

Some fans of the genre have decided to take it seriously and developed a powerful electric trike that is easier to drift and on any terrain!

D3_e-trike_drift (5).jpg  

They are the first outstanding team of the discipline, the Trike Drifters from Australia

They decided to integrate an electric motor in the front wheel, now need to go down a hill to slide anymore! Their vehicle named D3 Drift Trike has a 3kW motor (4hp!), a disc brake, a 2x10Ah battery placed under the seat and can reach 80kph!

D3_e-trike_drift (2).jpg 

The trike drifters intend to start a series of events, races that could take place on indoor go-kart tracks, a demo will be available soon...

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