Golf VII BlueMotion, first specs and official pictures!

Update of August 30th article with the first official images that just leaked...

While the first rumors begin to arrive about the environmental performances of the Golf 7 BlueMotion, here is an echo of what we can read on the web, report that allows us to present the first images of the Golf 7.

2013_VW_Golf_VII (6).jpg 

From its 1.6TDI engine, the new Golf Bluemotion should succeed to offer emissions of 85g/km with a fuel economy rated to 88mpg (UK), less than 3 l/100km, partly thanks a drag coefficient optimized to 0.274 (close to the 0.25 of the Prius).

2013_VW_Golf_VII (2).jpg 

These figures are credible as Kia, Hyundai and Peugeot already reached those emission levels, which you can find in our guide of cars at 85g/km.

Note however the larger dimensions of the Golf belonging more o the C Segment than the B taking therefore a step ahead in terms of emissions.

2013_VW_Golf_VII (8).jpg 

Official reveal of the Golf 2013 is expected shortly before the Paris Motor Show, on Sept. 4 in Berlin.

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