The hybrid sail boat Sly-De 50

After the TANG here is a new concept.

The main purpose behind the De 50 Cruiser is pleasure: enjoy both the on board comfort linked to the emotion and performances.

The hull’s sharp lines recall the modern ocean racer having the capabilities to exalt the boat performances both in upwind and downwind conditions. The hull shape and sail plan are designed to optimize fresh and light winds performances. From midship to transom sections the boat is quite wide and the steering is guaranteed by a twin GRP wheels. 

The deck layout is aimed to light up the living areas underneath and also to create a visual continuity giving a strong link between interior and exterior parts. The wide cockpit is complementary to the living area and it is characterized by distinguishing sun benches located at the top sides, creating a totally new concept. 

The hull and deck structures are made of PVC sandwich together with biaxial skin layers of both basalt and carbon fibers; all the laminates are done under vacuum with epoxy resins. Unidirectional carbon fiber layers are used to reinforce the loaded areas. 

An electric-propulsion system is installed using a 30kW E-motor which is fed by a battery pack recharged by a diesel generator. 

Source : Yachtingideas

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