(VIDEO) World Record long jump with an electric bike - 22.5 meters!


Michael Pruckner broke the long jump world record with an electric bike, helped by an electrification kit he reached a speed of 70 kph before taking off for a jump of 22.5 meters! A new world record!

It does not have the big head (rather big calves...) but the young German Michael Pruckner is the new record holder in long jump on an electric bike, a mountain bike electrified with eGO Kits.

We presented these powerful kits for electric bicycles (DIY) more than a year ago. They are designed for extreme mountain biking and more specifically the uphill part where they are very useful...

The kit Michael uses is, presumably the most powerful product of the German brand. So powerful that the chain broke! It assists you up to a distance of 40 kms and can be recharged in 1.5 hours. With 120 Nm of torque, the motor allows to climb slopes with an angle up to 38°. The weight of the kit is 5.5 kg to which you may the 4.6 kg of the lithium-manganese battery.

And if –while watching the video- you're wondering where it is located, have a look to Michael’s backpack!

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