(VIDEO) Aerofex Hoverbike: here’s how a twin ducted-fan-bike flights!


Flying in the air on a Star Wars bike is now possible! The company Aerofex has developed a flying vehicle called the Hoverbike and offers us its first tests in video.


The idea is awesome although the way to go before an eventual market launch is still long, however, there are some reasons to be optimistic for Christmas 2040!

It is the dream of all Star Wars fans, a vehicle that would move in the air in comfort, sliding on any type of terrain! In order to test the flying bike in "safety", the Hoverbike’s specs are limited by its designers, in theory it could reach a speed of 48kph and a height of 4.6 meters above the ground, we want to see that!

This demonstration video shows the craft fly and make some maneuvers close to the ground, takeoff, landing, turns ... It seems functional!

Aerofex_Hoverbike (2).jpg 

The technology relies on two ducted-fans placed in tandem, however Aerofex does not communicate on the type of engine used, electric or combustion? It could be a 4-stroke engine such as the engine that equips Chris Malloy’s hoverbike that we presented in June 2011.

The U.S. military is closely following the progress of the project, especially for applications on drones.

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