(VIDEO) Mando Footloose, the hybrid chainless folding e-bike breaks cover


The Mando Footloose is an e-folding bike, it obviously features pedals but no chain! The crankset moves a generator which animates the rear wheel and/or recharges the battery.

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The manufacturer’s know-how is highlighted and allows to offer innovative technological solutions for a first model! Indeed, Mando Corporation is a subcontractor for the automotive industry (brake, steering, suspension) thanks to the Footloose they wants to diversify on a promising market.

Presented in preview at the ISPO Munich last week, it will be the attraction of the largest international exhibition of bicycle, Eurobike in Friedrichshafen which begins on August 29th!
Not only is it made up of three main elements that fold in less than 10 seconds, but mostly it does not use a chain to connect the pedals to the rear wheel.
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The battery is integrated in the frame, the electric assist is obtained through pedaling or via a throttle.
According to the preliminary data, the electric motor of the vehicle allows to climb hills up to 22%. For the moment we do not know his weight, price, or even if the battery is removable but we will keep you informed!

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