(VIDEO) Jay Leno is a green bus driver, Proterra Ecoliner


The American company Proterra sells since 2010 an electric bus whose battery is charged at 90% in just 10 minutes. The famous automotive journalist Jay Leno has tried it and uploaded a 18-minute video. More time than it takes to fully recharge!


He is usually more interested by smaller vehicles but this time Jay Leno is introducing a 10 meters long bus, green and American!

As he says himself, "Ok it's a bus, but it’s a very special bus" all-electric, the Proterra Ecoliner features an innovative charging technology as it can be recharged using the quick connectors at each terminus of the line.

This is a system similar to pantographs, as soon as the bus is stopped, it automatically connects on the roof and recharges during the pause time of the driver. It disconnects itself when the driver restarts. Innovative!

For the other specs of the bus, they are detailed in the first article we wrote in June 2011. We simply recall that it develops a power of 204hp and 650Nm and that range is no longer an issue!

Article by Jeremi Michaux 
Par Technologic Vehicles
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