Citroën launches electric car-sharing in Germany (Multicity)


Citroën is about to launch its first car-sharing system with electric vehicles in Germany. The service will use some Citroen C-Zero. Its "travel facilitator", the website Multicity will also complement the manufacturer's commercial offer in the country.


The Citroën C-Zero in self-service will be offered in Berlin from September 5th. To rent, simply register, then find a car available nearby via the dedicated smartphone application.

Equipped with a magnetic card, the user can then unlock the door and collect the keys left by another user in the glove box. The credit is then automatically debited from your account according to the time of use: from 2 euros for 10 minutes and up to 39 euros for a full day. After use, simply bring back the car in a public parking lot or a charging station, put the keys in the glove box and lock the car with your card so its becomes available again.

As a first step, a hundred C-Zero will be available, then, if the test is successful, 500 of these small cars made by Mitsubishi will complement the offer. But that's not it because Citroën will also extend its Multicity service to Germany.

Available for more than a year in France, the website already welcomed more than 2 million visitors leading to 17,000 transactions, it is designed to make travel easier and allows you to:
- Find the best possible route taking into account different means of transportation (public transport, car, train, plane). 
- Rent a car or buy a transport ticket (plane, train)
- Buy a travel package or book accommodation.
- Finally it is a portal for peer to peer car sharing, an offer launched a few months ago in partnership with Zilok Auto.

For this services in Germany, Citroën will rely on specialists in their fields: Deutsche Bahn, Sixt, and Travel Horizon for flights, trips and accommodation.

Article by Jeremi Michaux
Par Technologic Vehicles
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