(VIDEO) Bonneville Speed Week - The Saline Elektrik breaks its own speed record!


Designed for the Bonneville Speed Week in Salt Lake City, the electric motorcycle from the team “Les Triplettes de Bonneville” raced on this vast desert of salt that allows the craziest records. Despite a steering problem that has marred the first official outing of the machine it still managed to exceed 140kph of the previous record.


“This bike is not stable enough, let’s transform it in a sidecar!” This sentence sums up the spirit of the team facing the unexpected in this Thursday, August 16th. During the first run, the machine powered by an electric motor does 300 meters in zigzag and during the second, it goes beyond the limits of the track.

So the team built a third wheel and welded it to the bike before going on the starting line again Friday reaching the speed of 157.7kph, still with some steering issues… The speed is respectable but the stated objective of 200kph remains far for the team composed of genius DIYers and students from a design school in Valenciennes (ISD).

Saline_elektrik_Triplettes (8).jpg 

The next and last day of the race, the handling improves again thanks to the work of the mechanic but the tricycle "tire toujours a gauche” (goes left) which makes it difficult to control. A disappointment for the friendly staff that worked very hard over a year, be sure they will be back next year!

Article by Jeremi Michaux

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