(VIDEO) Tesla Model S : track proof!


You probably remember the very controversial Roadster track-test in the hands of Top Gear’s team... This time, automotive journalists have tested the Tesla Model S electric sedan on the track and the result is surprising(ly fast)!

Performance and acceleration figures announced by the manufacturer are below the demonic reality of the car!


The time where electric cars exceed combustion vehicles arrived quickly, much more than we could have expected – mostly thanks to the Californian brand... Tesla Motors latest vehicle, the Model S -whose first units are expected to land in Europe by the end of the year- is another convincing proof!

Announced in 4.4seconds, the 0 to 100 kph (0 to 60mph), took only only 4.3seconds, then the two tons of the vehicle achieved the quarter mile in just 12.6 secs -like in the specs sheet. About the dynamic capabilities of the chassis, the tests performed in the video below speak for themselves and reveal the excellent performances in slalom, powerslide and braking.

As for range, the “story” does not say how long the battery will last in such an extreme use. But with a capacity of 85 kWh, which is four times the one of the Renault Fluence, testers were certainly out of juice before it!

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