(VIDEO) Tobe unveils the W'car EV


We already knew the cute Tobe M'Car EV here is now W'car from Geely-Tobe. This all-electric vehicle (conversion from a combustion model) is unlikely to land in Europe, and that’s a shame…


Its commercial is like a test-drive of the car by lambda motorists in a very Taiwanese style, showing all the happiness that an EV can bring, a smooth ride, ease of use and charge at fast charging stations.

The Tobe W'Car EV has nothing to be ashamed of compared with its cousins from the west, it features a regenerative braking system that recharges the batteries when braking. On-board computer that provides access to all relevant information on the car: you will know in real time the number of miles that you travel, and the best route to your destination via the integrated GPS, you also have access to a detailed manual of the vehicle or a hotline in case of problem.

Its motor develops 75 kW, or about 100 hp and 175Nm of torque for a top speed of 143kph, while the 16kWh battery allows 130km of range. On a fast charging station, charging time goes from 1h (on 80Ah) to 2h (on 50Ah), between 6 and 8 hours on a domestic plug...

Asia is very interested in electric cars and the four rental stations that will be installed this year in Taiwan are a strong symbol. Tobe will provide a fleet of 60 M'Car and W'Car and that will be managed by the company Yulon.

As for the style of the car, young, SUV-like and relatively conventional lines despite a very Tobe look. Certainly it will be a hit!

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