(VIDEO) The airbag helmet by Hövding, priced at 480 €


The airbag helmet from the brand Hövding is finally available and launched through an advertising campaign that tells the genesis of the project and the will of the founders. An opportunity to talk about this discreet helmet which can be very useful in case of an accident.


It looks like a large scarf and comes in two colors, one of which is orange with original designs that could be found on any fashionable scarf, while the other, more traditional is entirely black.

Whatever your aesthetic taste are, it will replace your traditional mushroom style bicycle helmet, so small that we hardly see much utility in case of frontal impact.

The promotional campaign is based on the personality of the two women behind the concept in 2010. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin since it is from them that came the idea of this helmet.

The campaign doesn’t not say whether you can buy another one once used or if you can recharge it but let's say it's obvious... Safety has a cost, 480 euros for this helmet (3998SEK).

Article by Jeremi Michaux
Par Technologic Vehicles
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