(VIDEO) First test-drives of the electric RAV4, deliveries begin in August


Toyota will start delivering its electric SUV (Rav4 EV) at the end of this summer in the United States. They have partnered with Tesla who was in charge of the motor and batteries of the SUV.

The announcement was a surprise. Two years ago, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the world leader manufacturer, pioneer of the hybrid tech decided to launch a 100% electric Rav4 in partnership with Tesla, an electric-car start-up. 


Powertrain and specs

The challenge has been met since in sport mode Toyota’s electric SUV has a very respectable acceleration from 0 to 100 kph in 7 seconds, the motor develops 154ch then, and the top speed is limited to 160 kph. In normal mode, power stands at 85hp.
In any case, the battery with a capacity of 41.8 kWh recharges in 6 hours and is good for up to 180 km, it is water-cooled. This is a first for Toyota, but this technology is well-known by Tesla and avoids overheating related to sports use. Regenerative braking is included of course and the battery installed in the center of the chassis increases stability.


Aesthetics and design

Few changes in terms of style, but some small changes allow to achieve a lower drag coefficient. The front grille is modified as no radiator needs cooling anymore, mirrors, rear spoiler, and side skirts also get updated. Finally, the Rav4 has been lowered, as a result its Cd gets from 0.35 to 0.30, simply the best ever achieved by an SUV according to Toyota. The interior and exterior lighting have been optimized and combine LEDs and halogen.



A Climate Control function is used to preheat or cool your Rav4 remotely. This function is accessible through a smartphone.
On the safety and connectivity side, all the latest technologies are standard.

Sales target

Toyota estimates that 2600 units could be sold by 2014 and guarantees the battery for 8 years or 160,000 km. In California, where the first retailers will get production models in August, the customers will benefit from a $ 10.000 rebate thanks to the federal and state incentives, bringing the price of this electric SUV to $ 39.800.

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